Flowers And Little Girls

untitled shoot-1068-EditAs we sat at the breakfast table, she became fascinated with the vase of flowers in the center. She pointed and told me all about the colors of the petals. We discussed which flowers she would like to have in her own bouquet as I snipped them off and handed them to her.  I ran and grabbed the camera as she counted the petals in the above shot.  Then I asked her to smell the flowers……….SNIFF!untitled shoot-1057-Edit

That wasn’t quite what I was after.  So I asked, “Could you hold the flowers up to your nose and smell them?”.untitled shoot-1064-Edit

I asked her to smell them one more time. She stared at her bouquet pensively. Not happening Grammy!

untitled shoot-1045-Edit-EditCan you just hold your flowers out like this I mimed? She did ever so quickly as she giggled and ran away with her flowers.untitled shoot-1046-EditThis is how photography of children goes.  You can wish for an ideal image. What you get is real, sniffing, fleeting in the moment life!  There isn’t anything more ideal than that:-)


2 thoughts on “Flowers And Little Girls

  1. Thank you Estizer. The moments we share are definitely priceless to this Grammy. I love when she actually lets me capture a memory or two!

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